We are used to getting presents for Christmas. Lucky, if they turn out to be something we actually need. But in another part of the world there are girls, who lack of every day necessities. They cannot go to school because they do not have period pads, notepads, pens, clean water... Their schools do not have toilets, so every time they go to pee at school they need to walk very far so they wouldn’t be raped while urinating. These are problems very far from us in the Western world. That’s why we decided to bring them closer and put them in a format all of us understand. A shop window.
We used a massive window space in a very often walked-by location.
With the help of a Finnish artist Leena Kisonen, we created a window display that is impossible not to notice when walking by.

The window display used clear copy and visuals to showcase presents that really are needed. 
We also added easy ways of donating, so if the person feels touched, they can help girls in the third world already at the spot.
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