Toilet paper has always been the product everyone daily uses, but never really thinks about.
In 2020, we were all forced to reevaluate the worth of toilet paper. Before a simple hygiene product, now became a needed luxury.
People started paying more attention to the product. Therefore, we wanted to showcase Lambi's product quality and their sustainable production.
That is why we did something no one has ever done in the tissue paper category ever before. We repositioned the simple tissue brand and placed it into lifestyle category, making the product more valuable and beautiful.
We scaled the idea to all platforms. Starting from beautiful key visuals communicating naturalness, quality and lifestyle.
Then we created brand films that communicated
high quality natural softness.

Director's Cut

15'' Playtime

15'' Discovery

15'' Caring

We also created product images portraying toilet and household paper as a part of beautiful interior.
Category challenge and our starting point
People make fast purchasing decisions based on prices or product attributes, like absorption capacity. As a result, sales volumes are small between different brands and products. Lambi was no different: all the advertising and communication was around how soft or absorbing the tissues were.  
People can't fall in love with product attributes, but they can love our story and why we are meaningful.
 We renewed the Lambi brand from marketing communications to packaging, highlighting our sustainable natural origins through lifestyle-like storytelling. 

The launch campaign was the most successful Lambi campaign ever, in all market areas (Northern Europe, Central Europe and Russia). The highest ever "brand love score" and significant sales growth in all markets (+ 5% in Finland, +6% in Sweden, + 5% in Norway). Our audience highly liked launch campaign creatives and, according to studies, they communicated brand attributes: sustainably, environmentally friendly and high-quality.
Art Director
Pauline Marie Korp
Helinä Leppänen
Marc Stevenson & Östis Österlund
Client Lead
Jarno Lindblom
Film Director
Guy Aslan
Duotone / Juho Huttunen
Susanna Vento
Fable FX
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