The illustrations portray Farmi products as part of our lives. The copy is a clever twist of words, playing with the product names and real-life situations. We made illustrations and animations for each month of the year.
Agency: Newton 
Copywriter: Anti Naulainen
Illustrations, Design: Pauline Marie Korp
January – a yoghurt turns into a UFO (In Estonian 'sürr' means 'surreal')

February – Estonian Independence Day. Kama is a national food so we turned it into a national symbol of a mill.

March – skiing in cream cheese (copy says "head-twirling flavour hoops")

April – Church symbolises Easter and a sacred time where its popular to go to Church. (SKYR is a white drink in a white bottle and whiteness and light share the same word in Estonian - 'valgus'. Therefore, the message is "Light is the power of life")

May - one of the construction worker says "I won't take it, I have cranberries(which in slang means - "I don't care")"

June – a summers day by the beach huts.

July – "dive into the depths of flavours"

August – "A storm in your heart"

September – time to go to school. "This tune (double meaning to 'five' (as in the best grade in Estonian schools)) charmed me"

October – fly to the holidays season

November – "autumn is tasty (doublemeaning to 'stylish')"

December – a cream cheese Christmas tree. "So many packing (double meaning - "urgent") jobs still to do"
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