“The mission of eeva.fi is to free women from shame, the control of others and the feeling of inferiority. That allows for a more liberated, equal and overall happier world for all genders.”
Mari Paalosalo-Jussimäki, Chief Editor of eeva.fi
A-lehdet launches a new relevant media for the women-minded. Eeva.fi is a communal digital platform, which handles topics beyond the conventional female media.
The platform does not limit women’s interests to the categories of beauty and gossip, but also includes society, economy, politics and technology among other important topics with the female perspective in mind.
Moreover, it also acts as a meeting place for women, as it is an interactive platform where the users can also take part in the conversation instead of passively observing the journalists’ content.
Our task was to bring 25-40 year old women’s attention to the new interactive platform and realise its purpose.
Creative Strategy 
But how do women themselves see the picture of a woman in our society? And furthermore, do they fit into it?
On behalf of A-lehdet we conducted a study into the present day perception and the future vision of the female image in Finland and found that the picture of a woman is too narrow for most women to fit in, therefore, creating unnecessary pressure and insecurities within them.
Eeva.fi is not only catering to the society’s perception of a woman, but looking at all females and broadening the picture. We decided to use these results to prove the necessity of our platform.
Therefore, we created a campaign that relates to our main target group, 25-40 year old women, by illustrating that the demands on a woman are so unrealistic, that they can only be achieved artificially.
Only 29% of women identify with the general image of a woman.
A polite caretaker. A social overachiever. Someone who takes care of their appearance, appreciates beauty and is always there for their family. The mother figure of her community, who is empathetic to the problems of others, but at the same time, can be a firm leader. This is the overall image of a woman in the 21. century, as perceived by the women themselves*.
The current image of a woman is not realistic. Furthermore, this narrow image of femininity causes unnecessary pressure and insecurities for women.
*Naisen omakuva 2030 research | hasan & co carried out the research on behalf of A-lehdet on the spring and summer of 2022
Campaign Execution
In a series of ads, artificial intelligence reshapes women into the society’s perception of a woman, using the findings from the study. Proving the point that the demands set on women are so unrealistic they can only be achieved artificially.
The films starred three women forced to fit the artificial picture of a woman with the help of artificial intelligence.
We used DALL-E; a deep learning model developed by OpenAI to create the campaign's artificial intelligence-based films.
During just 3 weeks, the campaign was seen 
2 million times
and it reached 
1/3 of Finnish women.
That’s half of of the Finnish female Facebook users.
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