Herbina came to us with a dusty brand, that appealed to older women. They wanted to be more modern and relevant. Therefore, they came out with a brand new, all natural, vegan and eco-certified skin care product range. It is affordable, yet high-quality. 
This product range already takes a stand – a stand against the non-natural products that are bad for the environment and to the people that use them. A stand against expensive, non-affordable beauty products that use unrealistically beautiful models to promote "natural beauty". There are too many unrealistic beauty standards around us. And that makes us insecure about our extraordinary features.
We chose to take a stand for natural beauty. And not "the ridiculously beautiful skin without make-up" kind of stand. We wanted to use stories and models that all could relate to. So you could see that you are not alone in any of it. You are not the only one that gets pimples, you are not the only one with wrinkles or black body hair in the most weirdest places. 
We used conversations from women's everyday lives to highlight the normality and relatability of our every day problems and insecurities.
Our mission is to show people that your specific vulnerabilities are what make you beautiful and extra-ordinary, but in no way does that mean that you alone are experiencing insecurities.
We also called people out on social media to share their own relatable stories of vulnerabilities:
We had more ideas than needed, of course...
Like for example a bouncy castle in the shape of a pimple...
Or a product line featuring, amongst others, a stretch mark glitter highlighter, armpit hair comb and why not a leg hair shampoo?
Maybe one day you will hear of these too :)
Art Director / Illustrator / Animator
Pauline Marie Korp
Copywriter / Creative
Riikka Rechardt
Creative Director
Katariina Harteela
Henna Siitonen
Olessia Kozlova
Project Manager
Ida Nuortie
Account Director
Ketsia Anttila
Aleksi Koskinen
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