A brand renewal, which turned a dusty brand into a relatable and real one through talking about vulnerabilities and strengths at the same time. Since in the end, we all have both vulnerabilities and strengths – and that is just the reality. 
We created an authentic way of sharing private conversations about beauty through illustration, animation and unpolished photography.
Overall, we created a campaign which is real and captivating.
We also called people out on social media to share their own relatable stories of vulnerabilities:
We had more ideas than needed, of course...
Like for example a bouncy castle in the shape of a pimple...
Or a product line featuring, amongst others, a stretch mark glitter highlighter, armpit hair comb and why not a leg hair shampoo?
Art Director / Illustrator / Animator
Pauline Marie Korp
Copywriter / Creative
Riikka Rechardt
Creative Director
Katariina Harteela
Henna Siitonen
Olessia Kozlova
Project Manager
Ida Nuortie
Account Director
Ketsia Anttila
Aleksi Koskinen
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